It all started when…

chevaun "miles"  Carter

A photographer, videographer, writer, graphic designer and all around content creator. A thinker, an ambitious energy, and creator. Unabashedly honest and authentic. He's someone who will challenge your perspectives and unearth your vulnerability. 



dante  saverio  amato

A New York-based Model and DJ who strives to get everyone he meets to live the best version of themselves. Proud of his Italian heritage and a family oriented background, Dante loves to give advice about finding internal peace and making others comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


Geralyn cecilia

A New York-based Model that aspires to spark the light in everyone she meets. She believes that we all can connect with each other by having the right conversations and only then will we truly see that we are far more alike than we think!

IMG_3670 (1).jpg


A New York-based street artist that creates artwork that motivates people to always choose love and spread positivity amongst each other. His work can be seen all over the world and in various media outlets. Most recently his 9/11 Memorial Wall at the bottom of One World Trade in Lower Manhattan has gotten him a lot of attention!


alyees qureshi

A Florida based artist who likes to write a lot of poetry that expresses his thoughts and emotions. He believes there’s something about creating that is very therapeutic, which includes singing, dancing, photography, etc. Throughout his experience, Alyees found that art helps him connect with some amazing people and that in turn keeps him motivated and positive!





A self-taught New York-based visual artist from the Philippines. Describes his work as a mix of organized chaos that contains elegance through bold colors. He hopes to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams, be passionate about what they do.